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If you're in charge to create signatures for your entire team, use a generator and send them a link where they fill out only what you want and create an easy to use signature for their emails..

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Use our platform to create amazing email signature for your team to promote your company with every email send.

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We have created a variety of templates, apps and designs to fit any type of business.

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Create signature with employee-specific name and titles, and formatted to your brand's standards

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Signaturia works with most email providers, including Gmail, Outlook & Apple Mail. No HTML needed.

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Compare social media engagement metrics and watch who's engaging to your signature.

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Streamline every email

Signaturia helps boost your brand. It makes every email a breeze, whether you send one or hundreds of emails per day.

Make a better first impression

Our customizable signature is an unexpected way to showcase your brand and wow recipients with a modern first impression.

Control the message your brand sends

With a simple installation and centralized control, every email sent from your employees will have an on-brand and consistent signature.

Free Email Signature

Try a free email signature or sign up for more options.Free signatures give you access to a limited editor to try out our service. Your signature will expire in 30 days unless you upgrade to a paid plan or download your signature.

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